Detecting glass defects with low investment

    The highly standardized ECO Scanner detects defects strong in contour and contrast like scratches, seeds and bubbles. This range of performance makes the ECO Scanner ideal for the control of e.g. grinded glass directly after having passed a washer. So it secures a good glass quality or the chance to scrap defected glass before adding more value to it.

    Due to the mentioned high degree of standardization and a revolutionary working principle a price level has become achievable, which is far below the modular Quality Scanner series.

    In dissected production structures a central control of of glasses is impossible. Due to the price level of the single devices it is possible to implement quite a few scanners with a total investment still allowing a quick payback.

    Your benefits:

    • Detection of defects strong in contrast
    • Secure glass quality
    • Scrap defected glass before adding more value
    • Control without production delay
    • Quick payback due to low price level
    • Easy installation by customer
    • Easy to integrate into new or existing production lines
    • Compact design
    • No gap in line necessary

    Machine summary:

    The ECO Scanner is detecting with one channel in brightfield transmission. It can be used for all clear and coloured floats, LowE, tempered or laminated glasses etc. The ECO Scanner is available in two versions: for glasses up to 1.6 x 6 m or 3.3 x 6 m, with thicknesses up to 19 mm. The ECO Scanner allows a control  without delay in production with conveyor speeds up to 20 m/min in standard mode or up to 50 m/min as an option. Quality relevant defects are visualized based on recipies according to general quality standards or customer defined quality levels.

    Due to its innovative construction the ECO Scanner is easy to integrate into existing or new, vertical or horizontal, production lines. As there is no need anymore for a preparing the production line with a gap and an installation manual is available, the ECO Scanner can be mounted easily by the customer himself. In advance to the installation the customer cares for the a construction as base for the camera- / illumination module. A respective drawing will be made available by Viprotron.



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