Quality Scanner 3D

For highest expectations in glass quality

The Quality Scanner automates your glass quality control and brings it to the highest standard. This efficient quality control machine is incorporated directly after glass washing and detects reliably all different types of glass defects – Making it ideal for a profitable glass production and processing.

Machine summary:

The Quality Scanner reliably detects bubbles, scratches, fine streaks and hairline scratches, at the same time it ignores dust or smallest dirt contamination. The machine consists of up to three, independently operating detection channels. Each channel scans the glass from a different angle and under different light circumstances, while it is being transported at top speed through the Quality Scanner.

The modular and expandable device can be integrated into already existing production lines. The freely definable quality parameters allow you to make individual changes depending on your client’s quality standards. If necessary you can also supply your client with the control results of each pane, thanks to the documentation and included archiving system.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced complaints and recalls
  • Establish your own level of quality
  • Automatization of manual controls
  • Glass quality independent of employee motivation and shifts
  • Decreased cycle time in glass production
  • Documentation and archiving of the control results
  • Statistical quality analysis
  • Improved overall quality within the production
  • Save glass through reworking
  • Amortization after only app. 1.5 years

Detection performance of the Quality Scanner

  • Bubbles, stains, tin, foil inclusions, scratches
  • Stains, finger and cork marks
  • Dirt, washing residues
  • Hairline scratches, smear and haze
  • Coating  scratches, coating abrasion
  • Pinholes, flakes, debris
  • etc

What is meant by 3D?

3D stands for three independent detection channels. Each of these controls the glass from a certain angle and under certain lighting circumstances. This way, the system can reliably detect a multitude of different defects.

In the standard edition, the Quality Scanner 3D has a Brightfield-channel (direct inspection according to EN 1279 I), a darkfield-channel (simulates sun light from the side) and a reflection-channel (to concentrate specially on coating defects). With its three inspection channels that can be used and extended modularly, the machine is suitable for many different areas of application. For example as well for the inspection of not or not completely transparent glass, such as acid etched or sand blasted glass, mirrored, enameled or printed glass.

Product film

„3D“ clearly explained!


  • Control and measuring of rectangular and shaped glass
  • Clear visualization of quality relevant glass defects
  • Freely definable quality zones with rebate, edge and main zones
  • Adaptable  quality criteria that can be changed to the customer’s expectations, such as defect type, defect size, defect number and quality zones
  • Adaptable filter and detection algorithm that automatically accommodates for changes in lighting and speed
  • Pre- classified filter to ensure that not every minor defect is visualized or creates reject
  • Display  of results according to different standards of quality  e.g. “bad according to standard A”, “good according to standard B”
  • Extensive statistics and quality reports

Technical data

SizesUp to 3.3 m as standard
LayoutFor horizontal or vertical lines
Max. glass sizesStandard up to 6,000 x 3,300 mm – optional up to 15,000 x 3,300 mm
Testable glass typesFloat glass, toughened, laminated glass, Low-E, Solar control glass, acid etched, sand blasted, printed or laquered glass as well as mirrors
Glass thickness2 mm up to 45 mm – optional more
Transport speedUp to 50 m/min – optional up to 80 m/min
Cycle time1 second
Power supplyStandard: 400 V, 3 Phases/N/PE, 50 Hz, 16 Amp (e.g. Europe) or 240/120V, 1 Phase/N/PE 60 Hz 20A (e.g. USA) Others are optional upon request

Product images

Areas of application

The Quality Scanner is suitable for the testing of Float glass, glass with Low-E or sun-protection coating, laminated glass, tempered glass or insulated glass. It can also be used for the inspecting of acid-etched or sand blasted glass, and of mirrors or one-sided colored panes.

Insulated glass

The Viprotron machines, with their precise working, camera-oriented image processing systems control the quality of insulated glass reliably at every stage of production.

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Tempered glass

The Quality Scanner and Quality Checker optimize the production of tempered glass throughout the entire process chain, for example after edge grinding, drilling or milling and after the furnace

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Laminated glass

The Quality Scanner supports you in establishing quality security for laminated glass after the single panes have been washed, in the clean room after the panes have been assembled and after the autoclave.

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