Quality Checker

Precise inspection of glass quality and dimensions

The Quality Checker takes over the final inspection within your glass production and verifies optical glass quality and glass dimensions. At the same time, the machine documents all quality relevant results. This efficient final quality control can be integrated within the tempered glass production as well as at the end of the insulated glass production line. This allows you to further reduce your claim costs, secure your in time delivery and to be always prepared for the worst case scenario.

Quality Checker patent number

US US 9,766,188 B2
DE 102013105693.8
Int. PCT/EP2014/061456

Machine summary:

The individual adaptable Quality Checker is positioned at the end of your production line, directly behind an IG press or tempering furnace. Once installed it guarantees the glass quality you desire. The scanner measures glass width and height, as well as hole positions and diameters, or the exact position of the spacers and Georgian bars – no matter if you are working at normal standards or attempting to meet a higher quality.

The speed and illumination of the device adapts automatically to the speed of your production line. Thanks to the patented telecentric illumination, the various inspection tasks can be combined perfectly. And all without production time delay.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced complaint ratios
  • Ensure the required delivery quality
  • Decreased cycle time in glass production
  • Establish your own level of quality
  • Documentation of all quality relevant results
  • Statistical quality analysis
  • Improved overall quality within production
  • Quick pay back

Final product control IGU

Detection of:

  • Bubbles, stains, tin, foil inclusions, scratches
  • Dirt, coating defects
  • Butyl, Butyl strings in the visible zone

Measuring of:

  • Spacer position
  • Straightness and corner radius of spacers
  • Straightness and angle of Georgian / muntin bars

Angle of Georgian


Optical defects

Spacer position

Final product control safety glasses

Detection of:

  • Scratches, bubbles, stains, tin
  • Dirt, coating errors
  • Shells / chips on the glass edge

Measuring of:

  • Width and length dimension
  • Hole positioning and diameter
  • Positioning and geometry of cut-outs

Corner sizes

Glass dimensions

Hole dimensions

Optical defects

Product video


  • Inspection and measurement of rectangular and shaped glass
  • Clear visualization of quality relevant glass defects
  • Freely definable quality zones with rebate, edge and main zones
  • Easy adaptable quality criteria that can be changed to the customers preference, such as defect type, defect size, defect number and quality zones
  • Adaptable filters and detection algorithms that automatically accommodates for changes in illumination and speed
  • Pre- classified filter to ensure that not every minor defect is visualized or creates rejects
  • Display  of results according to different standards of quality  e.g. “bad according to standard A”, “good according to standard B”
  • Comparison with a DXF document from the ERP system (safety glasses)
  • Extensive statistics and clear quality reports

Technical data

SizesUp to 3.3 m as standard
LayoutFor horizontal or vertical lines
Max. glass sizesStandard up to 6,000 x 3,300 mm – optional up to 15,000 x 3,300 mm
Testable glass typesFloat glass, laminated glass, Low-E, Solar control glass
Glass thickness2 mm up to 100 mm – optional more
IG unitsApplicable for double, triple or quadruple units
Transport speedUp to 50 m/min
Cycle time2 seconds
Power supplyStandard: 400 V, 3 Phases/N/PE, 50 Hz, 16 Amp (e.g. Europe) or 240/120V, 1 Phase/N/PE 60 Hz 20A (e.g. USA) Others are optional upon request

Product images

Applicable areas

The Quality Checker is a flexible inspection and measuring system that can be used in all areas of the glass refining process.

Insulated glass

The Viprotron machines, with their precise working, camera-oriented image processing systems control the quality of insulated glass reliably at every stage of production.

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Tempered glass

The Quality Scanner and Quality Checker optimize the production of tempered glass throughout the entire process chain, for example after edge grinding, drilling or milling and after the furnace

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Laminated glass

The Quality Scanner supports you in establishing quality security for laminated glass after the single panes have been washed, in the clean room after the panes have been assembled and after the autoclave.

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