Recognize glass defects right from start

The Jumbo Controller allows for the optimization of glass processing from the start of the value chain. The device is positioned in the cutting area, and identifies defects in unwashed glass. Already cut glass with defects can be taken out of production, before it is processed any further, or with the help of a reoptimization of the cutting plan waste areas or possibly small glasses can be positioned on the defects.

Machine summary:

The Jumbo Controller detects glass defects such as, bubbles, inclusions, dirt, coating errors or broken glass without prior washing. At the same time it checks whether the delivered jumbo is rectangular. Thanks to the innovative filter and classification algorithms, Lucite or other separation powder on the glass will be ignored.

Your Benefits:

  • Less reject at the end of production
  • Avoid time and cost intensive refining stages on defective glass
  • Improve the manufacturing process
  • Increased cycle time for Insulated glass, tempered glass and laminated glass processing
  • Optimize delivery consistency
  • Evaluation of your glass suppliers
  • Save glass through the re-optimization of the cutting plan

Inspection tasks of the Jumbo Controller

  • Standard glass defects: bubbles, scratches, inclusions etc.
  • Laminated glass defects: dirt, inclusions, bubbles etc. within the lamination
  • Optional coating defects: pinholes, flakes, debris etc.
  • Recognition of defect marks from float
  • Detection of glass breakage
  • Control of rectangularity
  • Further features upon request

Integration into the cutting process

The Jumbo Controller can be integrated into all kinds of cutting lines. The machine does not require any additional work stages and is designed to ensure a high production speed. The Jumbo Controller can work either stand-alone by making the defects visible on the current cutting plan or it can work in collaboration with the cutting re-optimization software.

In combination with this intelligent cutting re-optimization, such as the DefectOptimizers by the company A+W, glass can be saved through the re-optimization of the cutting data. In this way, you can avoid losing large amounts of glass and ensure that the workflows are not interfered.

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  • Display of only quality relevant glass defects
  • Intuitive setting for glass quality
  • Presentation of the cutting plan within the result visualization
  • Innovative pre-filtering to ignore Lucite
  • Display of the glass defects together with the cutting plan
  • Connection to the PPS system to re-optimize the cutting plan
  • Statistical analysis of defective glass quantities

Technical data

SizesUp to 3.3 m as standard
LayoutFor horizontal or vertical lines
Max. glass sizeStandard up to 6,000 x 3,300 mm – optional up to 15,000 x 3,300 mm
Testable glass typesFloat glass, laminated glass, Low-E, Solar control glass
Glass thickness2 mm up to 20 mm – optional up to 45mm
Transport speedUp to 60m/min
Cycle time2 seconds
Power supplyStandard: 400 V, 3 Phases/N/PE, 50 Hz, 16 Amp (e.g. Europe) or 240/120V, 1 Phase/N/PE 60 Hz 20A (e.g. USA) Others are optional upon request
WasherNot required


Areas of application

The Jumbo Controller is a perfect control system for all kind of float or laminated glass with or without Low-E or sun protective coatings even without washing. Powder on the glass surface will be ignored from the system.

Glass cutting

The Jumbo Controller is placed right at the start of the process chain. As the glass is being cut, it detects defects in the delivered glass and displays these on the cutting plan. Defective glass can hereby be removed from production or the cutting plan can be reoptimized accordingly.

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