As early as 2005, Flachglas Schweiz invested in its first camera-based Quality Scanner from Viprotron. For more than 14 years now, this scanner has been an essential component of the on-site quality control and has become an indispensable part of the insulating glass line. As a result of this positive development, Flachglas Switzerland invested in further scanners.

“After we achieved perfect results with the first Quality Scanner, Viprotron installed two additional Quality Scanners behind the insulating glass washing machines”. Mr. Rolf Kiener from Flachglas Switzerland, who has been responsible for these projects over the years as plant manager and who is now responsible for machine purchasing, is convinced that a reliable quality control of high-quality insulating glass can only be achieved with the help of quality scanners. Our Viprotron systems are a significant asset for all employees.

A new project:  final control of the insulating glass

The next important step towards even better quality has already been taken at Flachglas by ordering a Quality Checker for the final inspection. Integrated after the press of the Jumbo insulating glass line, at the end of all processes, optical defects in the glass surface, the frame recess, the rungs and butyl thick spots are also checked before the insulating glass is being prepared for shipment.

Only this way a complete protocol can be delivered with the product, which contains the quality information of the final control of the Quality Checker as well as the corresponding test results of the single glasses, which are generated by the Quality Scanner after the washing machine. In the future, this will not only ensure high product quality right down to the last detail, it will also be documented fully automated by quality reports.

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