Defect Pointer

Locate glass defects quickly and precisely

With the integration of the Defect Pointer into the Quality Scanner or into the Quality Checker, you automatically increase the productivity and quality of your glass manufacturing. Furthermore, through the exact, visual localization of the defects, it is practically impossible for your employees to overlook the defect, as the LED-based Defect-positioning indicator is integrated directly into the inspection area.

Machine summary:

The Defect-positioning indicator of the Defect Pointer consists of two long LED strips: The horizontally and vertically arranged, colorful LEDs shine directly onto where the defect can be found. The time consuming and risky search for the exact position of a glass defect is no longer necessary.

Your benefits:

  • Locate glass defects quickly and precisely
  • Visualization of the defect on the glass
  • Ideal to improve efficiency
  • A NECESSITY  for large glass panes

The Defect Pointer in detail

  • Exact display of the defect’s positioning, as found by the Quality Scanner or Quality Checker, onto the glass using LEDs
  • Integration outside of the direct work space
  • LEDs can be dimmed in order to avoid blinding
  • No shadows, as the Defect Pointer is integrated directly beside the glass


  • Examination and measuring of rectangular and shaped panes
  • Inspection computer accurately controls each LED
  • Easy control over the LEDs using the touch display
  • Precise display of the defect’s position onto the glass using all of the LEDs
  • Display of overall glass inspection result
  • Defects on oversized glass are still displayed correctly

Technical data

Sizes2,7 x 2,7 m (2 LED-arrays), optional up to 3,30 x 10 m (multiple LED-arrays optional)
IntegrationEasy integration with existing or new inspection areas.
LayoutFor horizontal or vertical lines
Max. glass sizesUp to 3210 mm x 15 m
CombinationCan be combined with Quality Scanner or Quality Checker
Cycle timeRealtime
Power supplyPower supplied by inspection system

Product images

Areas of application

The Defect Pointer is available as an extension to the Quality Scanner and the Quality Checker. Thanks to its compact build it is easily integrated into any system.

Insulated glass

The Viprotron machines, with their precise working, camera-oriented image processing systems control the quality of insulated glass reliably at every stage of production.

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Tempered glass

The Quality Scanner and Quality Checker optimize the production of tempered glass throughout the entire process chain, for example after edge grinding, drilling or milling and after the furnace.

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Laminated glass

The Quality Scanner supports you in establishing quality security for laminated glass after the single panes have been washed, in the clean room after the panes have been assembled and after the autoclave.

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