Coating Sensor

Inspecting glass for coating on outer surface

The Coating Sensor detects in direct passing whether there is a coating on the outside of an insulated glass and hereby prevents complaints. The sensor can also be used for single panes to correct wrongly positioned glass in time.

Machine summary:

The in-line working sensor inspects both sides of the glass and operates on its own, independently of the Quality Scanner or the Quality Checker. If the Coating Sensor detects Low-E or sun-protection layers, a light signal is given or by request a 24-Volt alarm is produced. The mentioned glass can be removed from the line.

The benefits for you:

  • Avoid complaints based on outer coatingsGuarantee the required quality upon delivery
  • Improved cycle time in the glass production
  • Smooth integration
  • Quick amortization


  • Reliable testing for metallic coatings such as Low-E or sun-protection layers on the outside of the glass
  • Visual alarm system, or audible alarm upon request
  • Integration possible along various stages of the production lines
  • Can be installed independently of a scanner system


The sensor system is suitable for horizontal or vertical production lines, for example after the press, after the sealing robot or at any other stage. The glass testing occurs completely automatic. A stop of the production line or the monitoring by an employee is not necessary. You can decide if the alarm system should tone continuously or in short bursts and if it has to be acknowledged or if it should turn off when the next piece of glass arrives.

The sensor can also consist of a one sided coating sensor upon request, which detects if a coating is present on the side that, for example is facing the wall of the conveyor.