Viprotron – making high quality glass reality

Cost intensive manufacturing, time consuming work processes, expensive product recalls – reliable quality control is key when optimizing the efficiency of your workflows. However, many companies continue to rely on manual and purely visual inspections, which are costly and risky.

Quality assurances at every stage of glass processing

Here at Viprotron we provide leading technology for quality inspections during the production and processing of architectural glass. Our digital image processing systems provide quick and reliable results right across the glass manufacturing process.

With our high-performing multi-channel systems you will have your quality management well under control. Our technology will help to optimize your workflows, and makes you independent from your employee’s motivation, along with reducing the error rate at every step along the way. The time and costs saved benefit both you and your customers. So you see, with our systems you are a large step ahead of your competition in terms of quality, production organization and price-performance ratio.

Quality Scanner

Demanding the most of glass quality. The effective quality control system is incorporated directly after the glass is washed and detects all types of defects.

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Detecting glass defects with low investment. The highly standardized ECO Scanner detects defects strong in contour and contrast like scratches, seeds and bubbles.

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Measure and minimize Anisotropies in façade glazings and rework White Haze. When it comes to the visual quality of tempered and heat-treated glass, anisotropy is a top concern among producers and architects or end users.

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Reliable high-performance detection of white haze on tempered glass. With Viprotron’s White Haze Scanner oven-related damages to the glass surfaces are detected after the tempering process.

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Quality Checker

Exact inspection of glass quality and dimensions. The Quality Checker takes care of the final inspection of your glass product, in terms of quality and dimensions.

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Jumbo Controller

Recognize glass defects from the start. The Jumbo Controller allows for the optimization of glass processing at the start of the production line.

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Coating Sensor

Inspecting glass for coating on outer surface. The Coating Sensor detects in direct passing whether there is a coating on the outside of an insulated glass and hereby prevents complaints.

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Defect Pointer

Locate glass defects quickly and efficiently. The productivity and quality of your glass production can be further increased by integrating the Defect Pointer into the Quality Scanner or the Quality Checker.

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