Glass cutting

Where every production starts

Optimize the refining process from the first step

The Jumbo Controller is used at the beginning of the processing chain. It recognizes defects in the delivered jumbo panes during the cutting process and displays their position on the cutting plan. After cutting, the defected panes can be scrapped.

The Jumbo Controller is also equipped with an interface to the PPS System, which allows the PPS software to re-optimizes the cutting plan. With this the real yield of good glasses will be increased. Furthermore, the documentation of defects in the glass provides the possibility of the evaluation of the glass suppliers.

Areas of application

As a stand-alone-solution at the start

The Jumbo Controller shows you defects in the glass and displays their exact location on the cutting. This way, employees can sort out defective panes and stop them from entering the expensive and time consuming refining process. A necessary re-cut can be started at this early stage so that the production and delivery time is not negatively affected.

In combination with the cutting plan

If the Jumbo Controller is connected to the cutting optimizer of the production line through a PPS connector, the system will optimize the existing cutting plan by positioning the defect either on a glass segment or on a small area of glass. This re-optimization of the cutting plan allows for the highest possible yield of high quality glass to be obtained. The detected defects are projected directly onto the system of the PPS Software developer, so that only one monitor is necessary at the end of the production line.

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