Quality inspection at every step along the way

Viprotron’s high-performing quality inspection systems can be integrated in any type of production and processing lines. What stays the same are the benefits that come the use of our machines.

With Viprotron you…
  • … save time – the machines are integrated directly into the production line and work without prolongation of cycle times.
  • …reduce reject – defects and dirt are detected reliably by the machines and can be removed on time.
  • …minimize recalls and complaints – quality controls throughout the entire production prevents that defects are not recognized or recognized too late.
  • …lower production costs – thanks to the detection of defects early on, defected glass will not be processed any further.

Save money at every stage

The long term investment in the reliable and quick Viprotron technology, guarantees that you save money shortly after its incorporation. The saving and optimization potential varies depending on the where along the production line the systems are integrated:

  • At the beginning of the production line
    The integration of the machines at the beginning of the production helps to recognize defects early on, and stops damaged glass from entering the expensive refining process.
  • In the middle of the production line
    Placing the equipment in the middle of the production line allows you to monitor the progress of the glass production and its quality. Dirty glass can therefore be re-worked and damaged glass can be removed.
  • In the final production inspection
    The final quality examination of your glass product ensures a high and constant quality standard. Not only can damages still be detected at this stage, but the measurements of the glass can also be inspected. A detailed report is also included.

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Glass cutting

The Jumbo Controller is used at the beginning of the processing chain. It recognizes defects in the delivered jumbo panes during the cutting process and displays their position on the cutting plan.

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Insulated glazing

The Viprotron machines with their precise, camera-oriented image processing systems control the quality of insulated glazing reliably during various stages of its manufacturing.

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Tempered glass

With the Viprotron systems you can optimize every stage of your tempered glass production line.

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Laminated glass

The Viprotron machines with their reliable and precise digital camera systems inspect the quality of laminated glass reliably during various stages of its manufacturing.

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Technical glass

The high quality Viprotron camera systems are also well suited to these extreme cases. With the Quality Scanner, which can be equipped with three different inspection channels, the high expectations of these special fields can be fulfilled.

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Custom glass

Other than inspecting standard glass types for defects, such as float glass, laminated glass, insulated glass or Low-E glass, the Viprotron systems also offer valuable services in terms of quality control in the case of custom glass.

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