We oversee glass quality

During university the two founders of Viprotron GmbH were fascinated by modern image processing, and already then they began to investigate the possible applications of this digital technology. After successfully finishing their studies, Kai Vogel (B.Sc. robotics/automation) and Andreas Sandner (B.Sc. mechanical engineering) spent many years in a specialized company that dealt with surface inspection, where they both discovered their passion for glass inspection.

Together they developed their business idea of developing a high quality glass scanner for architectural glass that was to; have a long lifespan, function reliably and provide a good price-quality ratio. In 2004 their vision became a business and the Viprotron GmbH was founded.

In that same year the first prototype was installed in the company Glas-Dreibusch in Goldbach near Aschaffenburg. In the following year the two managing directors closed a shipping deal with the globally operating company Saint-Gobain Glass. Almost simultaneously a partnership contract was drawn up between Viprotron and the machine manufacturer Bystronic Glass. Since then Viprotron machinery can be integrated directly into their glass production line using perfectly fitting OEM cutting lines.

Leading innovation amongst glass scanners

Today Viprotron GmbH is a leader amongst quality scanner technology. There are currently more than 300 of our scanner systems operating in the glass industry worldwide, actively providing reliable quality control. The innovative image processing systems are installed by us and are adapted to the local individual processes within the production line. Once installed the systems ensure a high quality within glass production and processing, as well as saving time and money through the optimization of the production process. Most importantly, they allow our customers to succeed in the continuously increasing quality expectation of their market.

Made in Germany

Our machinery is produced in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt, where we are continuously developing our systems and adapting them to the wishes and needs of our clients. 20 employees, their dedication and skill and more than 20 years of field specific experience continue to help us improve on our already high position within the field of glass quality scanners.

Our mission

We have summarized our company mission under these points and the standard at which we produce, install and maintain each one of our systems:

Commitment to quality: Our mission is to provide optimal, cost and time saving quality inspections within glass manufacturing and processing.

Passion and perfection: We love glass and efficiency, coupled with processes fitted to the production course. Our products reflect these values.

Individual and ready to use: Each system is adapted to its individual function within the production line and when installed is instantly ready to use.

From humans – for humans: Our team understands the processes in our clients’ production lines and is always available to offer their help and services.

Thinking ahead and being there: We accompany our clients with motivation from the early planning stages, to the execution of the installation, all the way through to service and support post-installation.

Responsibility: We have an obligation to contribute our input into optimizing and preparing glass manufacturing and processing for the future.