How do you increase your glass quality?


Founded in 1948, Glas Herzog has developed into a pioneer in insulating glass production. The company supplies Germany as well as neighboring countries with high-quality glass products of all kinds. As a certified company, Glas Herzog lives a high quality standard that is second to none.

For more than 13 years, Viprotron has supported Glas Herzog in the quality assurance of its high-quality glass products. In 2008, the first Viprotron scanner was put into operation at Glas Herzog. The insulating glass lines were successively equipped with further Quality Scanners. After investing in a new insulating glass line in 2020, the fourth Quality Scanner 3D is now successfully in operation.

With the Quality Scanner 3D, Glas Herzog automates the monitoring of glass quality at the highest level. Thanks to the unique 3D technology, which also produces three different camera images per defect by means of three detection channels, all types of glass defects in monolithic panes are reliably detected. In addition to any glass coatings, satinized and sandblasted glass is also reliably inspected with the 3D scanners at Glas Herzog.

For the employees at Glas Herzog, the Quality Scanners have become an indispensable part of current production. They work intensively with the 3D scanners on the various insulating glass lines thanks to the intuitive interface and reliable defect allocation. In addition, the quality reports, which the scanner automatically generates from each glass, are also used by quality management to check the justification of customer complaints.

“Viprotron scanners are an integral part of our everyday business and we can recommend them without reservation.” – Andreas Herzog, Managing Director at Glas Herzog

Watch the latest video from Glas Herzog to see how Quality Scanners 3D enhances glass quality:

“We would like to thank Mr. Herzog and his two sons for the many years of partnership, trust and exciting cooperation.” – Kai Vogel, Managing Director Viprotron