Our ECO Scanner on the rise


At glasstec 2018, Viprotron has invested a lot in the development of a flexible system that is supposed to be manageable in both: acquisition and assembly costs. In addition it can be put in place quickly. The scanner must, of course, comply with the required guidelines for the visual quality of flat glass in the respective countries. Under these assumptions, a new product has been created: the ECO Scanner.

The lighting concept of the ECO Scanner has been further developed in such a way that no gap between two belts is required for scanning. An included reflective tape is glued to the horizontal or vertical conveyor belt and the ECO Scanner is installed above it (horizontally) or in front of it (vertically). This makes the assembly so easy that the customer can carry out the setup himself according to the available instruction video.

The installation can be supported if necessary, by a Viprotron technician. This is especially relevant for customers who do not have their own technology department. With the help of the expertise of our technicians, the employees are also introduced to the handling of the scanner.

By the end of 2020, the ECO Scanner has established itself on the market as an extremely powerful system and contributes significantly to the success of our product range.

• Affordable, quick payback
• Fast defect detection within the production chain
• Support for your quality control staff
• Reduce of costly customer complaints
• Compliance with high quality standards
• Easy to integrate (DIY-Video)
• Flexible installation (horizontal or vertical)
• Retrofit at any position of existing lines
• Relocatable into many stages of the production process
• Complementary product to multi-channel Viprotron scanner systems, for example on secondary lines
• Supplement for high-level production depth such as grinding, drilling and washing

A horizontal ECO Scanner checks the glass right after a GED washing machine (retrofit)

A vertical ECO Scanner checks the glass in a Bystronic line after the washer (retrofit)