Tryba orders 5 Quality Scanner from Viprotron

As one of the largest window manufacturers in France and with its own insulating glass production, Tryba Industrie S.A.S. exclusively sells high quality windows in the premium segment.

The demands on the quality of the glass are extremely high and clearly exceed the industry standards. The choice of the best inspection system should not be taken carelessly with these high demands!

After extensive tests and research Tryba has decided to use the reliable Quality Scanners from Viprotron, as they exceed the standards by far due to their unique 3D technology.

Within Tryba’s insulating glass production, both insulating glass lines are equipped with one scanner each for checking the single glass panes after the washer. In addition, each production line will be equipped with a scanner to check the final insulating units after the press.

For the in-house tempering production another new and innovative product from Viprotron, the Haze Scanner, has been ordered. The Haze Scanner, which is installed directly at the exit of the tempering furnace, is designed to immediately detect the presence of White Haze – white streaks on the glass surface -, that can occur when the glass is subject to heat treatment, in order to avoid this effect at an early stage.

The installation of the five inspection devices is scheduled for autumn 2020.