Viprotron takes part in Colombia Glass for the first time

Viprotron at Colombia Glass

Since 2004 Viprotron develops and produces innovative quality scanning devices for the flat glass processing industry in our Pfungstadt premises „Made in Germany“. As OEM-partner of many leading machine builders, within the recent years Viprotron achieved a global technology leadership in the quality control of architectural glass. For years now, our Quality Scanner 3D sets the benchmark among the quality control devices.

The latest market development of standard defect scanners is the new generation of the ECO Scanner, the first DIY scanner. It covers the method of examining glasses in the way the ASTM and international standards require, but is so easy to install that the customers can do that by themselves without the help of our service engineers to avoid expensive travel costs from Europe. An ECOnomical solution! 

The picture shows a retrofit installation in a horizontal IG-line. Many other applications can be realized in horizontal or vertical lines.

In the range of high performance scanners, the second release of our Anisotropy Scanner is just launched into the market. Anisotropies are resulting from different tension relations inside the glass, mainly after tempering. Positioned directly at the outlet of the furnace the Viprotron Anisotropy Scanner controls the exiting glass and provides online images of the anisotropies of each glass of the furnace load. Simultaneously the localization and calibrated measurement of the intensity of the anisotropies takes place. This helps to optimize the furnace parameters and thereby to improve the delivery quality of the final product, as many analysis tools provide additional information and the chance to match the furnace structure with the results from scanning. A real step for process improvement and stability.

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